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Is Wix a good choice for wealth managers and financial advisers?

Wix is a website platform that allows you to build and maintain your own website, simply. If you're looking for a user-friendly website platform, this is it. But there are some things to keep in mind.

We've taken an in-depth look at where the Wix platform might be the right choice for your financial services company, or whether you're better suited with another solution.

The benefits of using the Wix platform for your website

There are many benefits when it comes to using Wix. First and foremost, it's one of the simplest solutions when it comes to getting a great website 'out of the box'.

They offer a wide range of templates to get started with, guidance on how to connect your domain, and some fantastic tools for getting your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready.

Let's take a look at some of the other reasons why you'd want to consider Wix as the platform for your website.

Ease of Use

Wix comes with a wide range of website templates, right out of the box, including templates specifically designed for financial professionals.

You can simply choose one of those, or modify any one of the other templates for your purposes.

When it comes to editing or updating your blog, think less 'coding' and more 'PowerPoint'. We often liken creating a site in Wix to creating a PowerPoint presentation. It has a similar drag-and-drop interface, straightforward settings for fonts and elements (similar to how you'd use the 'Format' panel in PowerPoint), and once you have the formatting for your blog and image galleries set up, updating them is as easy as editing an email.

Documentation and Technical Support

Wix has excellent documentation to take you through everything that you need to know.

If you get stuck, they have incredible technical support that will either call you within a few minutes of sending them a message, or someone will be able to help you on chat. This is pretty much instantaneous.

Unique features the Wix platform offers to financial planners, advisers and wealth managers

Wix has a bunch of built-in apps that benefit financial advisers and financial services providers particularly. We'll discuss these here.

Bookings systems

When it comes to growing your book, your website can be a powerful tool that both helps you simplify and automate the way that you bring in promising leads.

Adding a booking system to your site will act both as a 'call to action' for potential clients who are serious about engaging with you, as well as a way to schedule a meeting with them automatically based on your availability - the Wix booking system integrates with your calendar, so it will only show meeting slots for when you're available, and you can set the parameters for your desired meeting times.

You can also set your booking system to integrate with Zoom, so an automatic meeting can be set up without you having to lift a finger. Both you and your client will be sent the meeting details, so all you really need to do is show up for the scheduled call.


Wix has a useful chat system that integrates with their internal CRM system. When someone's on your site and you have the chat function enabled, they can send you a message. If you have the Wix app on your phone or the window open in your browser, you can respond to them immediately.

If you're not available, they'll be provided with an opportunity to leave their name and contact details for you, and you can reply to their message at your convenience.

You'll also be notified when someone is on your site, and you'll have the opportunity to engage with them even before they contact you - your message will pop-up in their browser as they're going through your site. This is a proactive way of finding out what they're looking for before they leave your site.


As mentioned above, Wix's chat and contact form functionality integrates with their own CRM, which will allow you to capture the contact details of the potential clients that are contacting you. Note that this needs to align with your privacy policy, and you need to ensure that you explicitly address how you treat customer data.


Wix offers an integrated contact form that works to help you qualify and capture leads. From multiple checkboxes to conditional fields, there's a surprising amount of flexibility that the forms afford you.

If you'd like to supercharge your contact forms with additional features, then read about the Wix Ascend feature below.

Built-in Marketing with Wix Ascend

At an additional cost ($13.80 when paid month-to-month), Wix Ascend offers you email, marketing, and social media tools that allow you to manage all three from the Wix platform without having to integrate third-party services.