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Is Wix a good fit for your business?

Wix is a website builder typically used as a cost-effective website creation platform. It gives you a lot of control over your website's design, which, in the right hands, can be incredibly powerful, allowing you to create a professionally-branded website for significantly less that a custom-developed website.

It's important to consider whether Wix is the best fit for your business based on a variety of factors.

Who is Wix for?

Wix shines as a web solution for professionals and small- to medium-sized businesses who are looking to have an effective website that doesn't require custom development (and the associated development costs), does a good job 'out of the box', and does a great job with generating traffic from search engines.

It's particularly powerful in the hands of a graphic designer or someone with graphic design experience.

Who is Wix not for?

If you're looking for a fine-tuned performance machine that is optimized to the hilt, then we recommend looking elsewhere.

Also, while Wix gives you the opportunity to make pretty much any design change you want, if you're not an experienced graphic designer, this call lead to some less than desirable results that frustrate your potential clients and may have a negative impact on your business.

Unlike other website building services like Squarespace, Wix does not lock you in to their template - it's very easy to move things out of alignment, and any change made to the desktop layout needs to be adjusted separately on the mobile layout. If you don't pay special attention to this, your potential clients could see a bunch of overlapping images and text when they try to view your website on their phones.

Designing your Wix website

Wix websites have the benefit of being easy to set up. Simply choose a template, connect your domain, purchase the appropriate hosting plan, customize your text, and you're ready to go.

However, without proper consideration, planning and strategic implementation, you can end up with a website that is a combination of different fonts and styles.

It's for this reason that we specifically recommend Wix for people who already have a good understanding of graphic design and layout. If you don't, we recommend recommend Squarespace as an alternative, as it locks you in to their design template and is very difficult to 'break', visually.

Moving your website to Wix

There are a variety of reasons to move your existing website to Wix.

First and foremost, you're able to easily make changes to your website in much the same way that you'd update content in a PowerPoint presentation. The user interface is logical and user-friendly, and Wix really holds your hand when it comes to setting up and maintaining your SEO—more on that below.

Because Wix is a platform and not a website host, it's far more secure, and has fewer vulnerabilities than a standard WordPress website that has not been properly protected.

Finally, and most importantly for many small business owners: price.

If you're running your website on Wix's Combo plan, which is usually the plan we recommend for a basic business website, you pay $13.50 per month (or $8.50 per month if you settle the full year upfront).

For the sheer volume of apps, tools, features and benefits, that is astoundingly good value.


One area where Wix really shines is search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO.

SEO is important, as it tells search engines how to read your website, and communicate the right things to the people who are looking for content just like yours.

Wix's built-in SEO tool called SEO Wiz looks through your content and shows you just where and how to update your SEO data so that it will be better for Google.

Our experience with Wix, and how we can help

Armasar is a South African web development agency that has been building and maintaining websites in Wix since 2016.

We take a strategic approach to understand your requirements, and clearly define the job that your website needs to do for you or your company.

This job varies from company to company, and from professional to professional.

Once we understand this, we're able to create a layout and content that works together to enable your website to do its job for you.

Sure, it will look great, but it will also be extremely effective.

Updating your Wix Website

If you have an existing Wix website and want to have it cleaned up, refreshed or optimized, we can help.

We've been working with Wix for 4 years, and over that time have learned a tremendous amount about getting the most out of the platform.

We can either consult to you and advise you on how to improve your Wix website, or we can update and optimize the website on your behalf.

Taking the Next Steps

If you'd like to talk to us about creating a website for you in Wix, optimizing your current Wix site, moving your website from another platform to Wix, or performing regular content updates to your Wix website, we'd love to hear from you.


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